DLS Art Gallery Artist #10: Hunter Fox

As an artist, Hunter explores the abstract, leaving the images to the viewer’s imagination. Hunter has developed a passion for the acrylic pour painting style, that includes a variety of methods, such as the chain pull designs, in leather colors. He welcomes any commissioned requests for paintings. A fan of metallics, and a mix of dark and vibrant colors, and hues, Hunter’s creations are definitely one-of-a-kind!

DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #9: TomFoolery

TomFoolery started doing erotic rope bondage in 2002. He has created a large number of unique and innovative ties and techniques. Rope is sexual and a spiritual practice for him and serves as a creative and artistic outlet. He is also a photographer, capturing his own rope work and other erotic images. He enjoys doing rope bondage and suspensions in quiet indoor settings, noisy nightclubs, at burning man, outdoors in the woods or off of bridges.

His style is fusion bondage. It mixes traditional Shibari with Western and Celtic influences. It is both highly decorative and functional. His suspension work is dynamic, featuring spinning and swinging.

He teaches regularly at Kink.com’s Armory Studio Series, he has given workshops at The Northwest Leather Celebration, Dark Odyssey, Kinkfest in Portland, BondCon and other events. His photographs have been featured at Cannibal Flower Shows in LA, the San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and Fanfare-LA Exhibition

DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #8: Cyrus Dvorak

I enjoy a broad range of artistic practices, such as, painting, sculpting, and animating (both 2D and Stop-motion). I create artworks that are representational of expressionism, abstract, the human form, and the pushing of boundaries. I am inspired by spontaneity, movement, color, the human form, and acceptance of what I cannot do. After being diagnosed with MS in 2009 I have used art as a therapy tool, working out both physical and mental issues. I also enjoy trying new mediums, learning new techniques, and pushing myself while not being afraid to fail. Through art I gain a sense of normality by stimulating broken neural pathways and rerouting new connections. The fact that I am right-side dominant and have right-sided weakness contributes heavily to my unique style, along with my strong use of color. There is a great deal of learning, frustration, enjoyment, and pain in each piece I produce.

Currently I have been focusing on life drawing and painting of the nude female form with a colorful palette. Inspired by the expressionism paintings of the German painter Ernst Kirchner I have been experimenting with color, form, sexuality, while adopting elements his style into my own work. My use of color is another element of beauty added to this series to evoke feelings of passion and the moment. The deeper I got into the creation of this series the harder I pushed the boundaries of the ‘erotic’ vs. perversion and color theory.


Follow Cyrus Dvorak here:

DLS Art Gallery Artist #5: M. Martinez

M.Martinez is a photographer fascinated by the feelings that photography can stir. M is interested in the power of imagery and creates projects that are intentional, and rooted in subtlety. Each image is a collaboration with the subject and are driven by a desire to diversify the media that we are presented with everyday in the world.

El Mundo Jaspeado is a fine art series intended to grant a glimpse into the beauty of the human form. The series features men, women, and couples from all over the northwest. These people share their strength, beauty, and connection to one another. Each photo is inspired by a desire to see a broader representation within the figurative artistry of the human form. A portion of the series will be on display at the Dirty Little Secrets art during Kinkfest.

Prints from additional projects like “Curves” and “Immersed”, a series currently o display at the Morpho Gallery, will be available in the art store during kinkfest. To see more images of these series and other works by M.Martinez visit Crescent Shine Consignment Shop on N. Killingsworth St. or www.mmartinezphoto.com

DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #4: Christopher B. Mooney

Christopher B. Mooney is known in the lifestyle and kink community as professional artist in Portland, OR currently creating figurative and erotic art works. Mr. Mooney received a Bachelor Fine Arts Degree from Parson’s School of Design, NY.  Continuing studies in portraiture workshops by Paul Missal at Pacific Northwest Collage of Art, Portland, OR

Throughout history we’ve been creating figurative art, Mr. Mooney finds it important to continue that inspiration as a favorite subject. Creating figurative erotic works, the subjects in each of the paintings were posed in natural light or occasionally lit with red and blue flood lights. It creates shapes of color that give the figures a more ambience and contemporary style. He hopes the viewer to recognize the fascination how this lighting brings out each subject’s emotional undertones, allowing their natures to rise to the surface.

           Mr. Mooney likes to meet people in the community to take photographs, sketch, and create paintings, primarily in oil on canvas, to portray their thoughts and feelings, and to create an erotic atmosphere of people in their environments. His work is of the ‘old masters’ style. He always looks forward to meeting any potential models who aren’t shy about art or the artist!  “I’ve created erotic works reflecting both kinky and/or fantasy-based poses, classical cuddling scenes, boudoir scenes, raw sex scenes and kissing scenes. Artists have old habits and I need to get out from under mine. I like to create paintings as a tool to explore my sexual nature – areas of my life that need sexuality without the baggage. For me, art is a real exploration of my inner self.”

            He has displayed his erotic art work at: L ALAN ARTS PROJECT @ the CATALYST ART & CULTURAL SPACE; Club Privata; Sanctuary; The Dirty Show in Detroit, Michigan; PDX Kink Festival; Nude Nite Tampa, Florida; and Seattle Erotic Art Festival.

See the rest of Christopher Mooney’s work here!

DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #3: Johnny Flamethrower

Johnny Flamethrower is a photo artist hailing from the Midwestern United States. His work has been featured in The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today Volumes 2, 3 and 5, Skin Two Magazine, ARTundressed, and the Dirty Show, among others.”

Johnny Flamethrower’s work has a great edginess to it that I just love! The lighting, the colors, the cropping – all put the viewer right in the middle of the scene. Yes!!

DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #2: BokehBabe

“My goal is to create inspirational art. I believe that imagery should make you feel good about yourself or make you smile thinking about something that you love. What we surround ourselves with has the ability to affect how we feel, so why not surround ourselves with art that makes us happy? That is my motto and my goal with helping others live more inspired lives through art.

I offer prints of my personal work and offer custom photography sessions.

If you want to see more work or contact me….

Feel free to check out my website @ BokehBabe.net

Or follow me @ https://fetlife.com/users/8762362″

Welcome, BokehBabe! I cannot wait to see your work in person!

DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #1: Michael


“I work with metal. My work has made people laugh and giggle and spark other emotions I enjoy the laughing and giggling of people viewing my art. I hope what I bring to the Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery is enjoyed by all.”
Welcome, Michael! He is our very first 3D artist, and I am so excited to host Michael’s art at our gallery. Come to the art gallery at Kinkfest 2019 on April 19-21, 2019