We hope you will consider exhibiting your artwork at the 2019 Dirty Little Secrets art gallery, hosted by KinkFest, held April 19th-21st, 2019 at the Portland Expo Center in Portland, Oregon.

If you would like to have your work displayed, please be sure to read all the rules carefully; especially note the policy on abandoned artwork. As always, on the submission form is a statement that you must electronically sign, acknowledging that you have read the rules and agree to follow them to receive display space within the gallery. If you have any questions regarding the rules, please send an email to the art gallery coordinator.

While KinkFest may provide security in the art gallery area, we cannot be responsible for lost or stolen artwork. Please be sure to prepare your artwork to hang from an “S” hook on a temporary 4’x8′ exhibition panel. If you are submitting three-dimensional art, please ensure that it will fit inside a 4′ x 4′ area, where two sides will be protected by the 4×8 panels.


Once the art is on display, it is not to leave the art gallery area unless sold or removed permanently by the artist or the agent. There is NO in and out of art pieces.

Remember, we have only 20 panels, so send your submission form in early. Control sheets and other forms you need will be mailed to you as part of your submission confirmation package. Thank you and we hope to see you at KinkFest.

Keri Grassl
Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery Coordinator



The submission of your form is the agreement to follow these rules and all applicable laws of the state of Oregon and the United States where applicable. If you fail to follow the rules, you will be removed from the art gallery, and forfeit your entry/rental fee. Signing the submission form means you will be held to all the rules, whether you read them or not.

The exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless KinkFest against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability or expense which arises out of or by reason of any act or omission of the exhibitor, his employees or agents.

  1. Each exhibition panel rents for $25. If you send an submission form in without payment, you do not have a reservation. Nothing is assigned until payment is made.
  2. You may agent for one or more artists – but use one submission form for all, and one control sheet for all artists
  3. A commission of 20% will be taken from each sale and donated to the KinkFest scholarship fund.
  4. We do not accept any art work via mail. You or your agent must drop off your art on the day/time and location as specified in the confirmation letter that you will receive once the call for art is closed.
  5. Every artist exhibiting within the art show must sign, date and return a copy of the submission form. An artist may share a panel with another artist. One artist would pay for the panel, but both artists will need to fill out the required submission form, and subsequent forms.
  6. Entries must fit on a 4’x8′ panel. These may be in any medium that can be hung.
  7. Three dimensional pieces must fit within a 4’x4′ area.
  8. Reproductions of any kind are allowed, but only one copy of any image may be hung. The rest can be displayed in the store area. Computer generated art will be limited for entry. It must be identified as such.
  9. Two-dimensional works must be framed and ready to hang. If your artwork is framed or is a canvas frame, we strongly suggest you use a hanging wire to put it on the wall. We cannot be held responsible for poor mounting. Our walls are 4’x8′ temporary exhibition panels. We will work with you, the artist, to hang your work on your assigned panel. However, we will take no responsibility for pieces that are damaged in hanging.
  10. All artwork must be clearly labeled (by printing, not longhand). Make certain that each piece has on its back the artist’s name and contact info, piece title, and price information. You must use our standard forms – one that is larger or smaller will not be accepted, and you will have to re-write your forms (we provide a fillable PDF series of forms so you can do everything on your computer). Use regular paper stock or cardstock – nothing heavier, or bound in some sort of book. You must submit the forms along with the art on the date of delivery. By default, sale of the artwork does NOT include reproduction rights. If your entry is a print, it must have several additional statements. If it is an unlimited-run print, it must be labeled as such. For a print in a limited series there must be the number in the print run, the print medium, and, if the print is an art print (that is, a print made by any of the traditional art processes), the printer used. If the plate has been destroyed, the date it was destroyed must be included on this statement.
  11. We will accept reservations in the art gallery until January 31st, 2019 or until we have reserved all 20 panels.
  12. Artists will then be sent a confirmation packet with copies of a control sheet, check-out procedure, etc., upon entry acceptance. 
  13. Once a piece is entered into the gallery, you cannot change its conditions of sale, such as price. A piece is considered to have been entered when the price and information label is posted beside the work.
  14. You may pick your art up yourself or designate an agent to be responsible for the return of the artwork.
  16. KinkFest does not have insurance on artwork being displayed or stored. You are responsible for your own insurance (check your homeowner’s or renter’s policy; you may have appropriate coverage there).
  17. Buyers must pay in full and pick up their purchase before the close of the art gallery daily. No art will be available for sale after the festival. Art which has been sold and has not been picked up by bidder or artist at the close of the KinkFest art gallery, and no pickup arrangements were made with the art gallery coordinator, will be considered abandoned and immediately following the festival will be handled in accordance with our policies. (Refer to policy #14).
  18. You will be paid within six weeks after the festival closes for art that was sold. No payments will be made at the festival. To assist artists in safeguarding their legal rights as creators of their works, KinkFest will provide each artist or exhibitor with a record of all purchasers’ names in your accounting sheet (which comes with your check).
  19. The art gallery exhibition hours for Friday through Sunday will be posted on site and announced in the KinkFest program.
  20. To protect artists’ copyrights, there will be NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEOTAPING in the art gallery without a release of responsibility of KinkFest from the artists and with the prior approval of the art gallery coordinator. This includes cell phones equipped with cameras. Persons taking pictures risk being removed from the gallery, having film confiscated, and digital images erased under staff supervision.
  21. As a reminder, the art gallery is staffed and run by volunteers. IN ALL MATTERS, THE DECISION OF THE ART GALLERY COORDINATOR IS FINAL. The exhibitor agrees to protect, keep and save KinkFest forever harmless from any damages(s) or charge(s) imposed for violations of any law or ordinance by any exhibitor, their employees or agents, as well for failure to comply with the terms and agreements. Remember, the exhibitor shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless KinkFest against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability or expense which arises out of or by reason of any act or omission of exhibitor, their employees, agents or buyers.
  22. Submitting a form for the art gallery, or displaying your art in the gallery, does not gain you entrance to the KinkFest Festival. Tickets for attending the Festival are sold separately and must be obtained in order to participate in any other function of the Festival event. Buy tickets to attend KinkFest here.
  23. If you have any questions about these rules or have any special requirements, please e-mail the Art Gallery Coordinator.

More questions? Read our FAQ.

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