KinkFest is our host. You are the erotic artist. Dirty Little Secrets is the art gallery that would love to show your work to the Kink community!

Dirty Little Secrets is an art gallery show where local (to the PNW) erotic artists can reserve a 4′-wide x 8′-tall panel to hang their art upon (or a 4’x4′ area of floor for 3D art) for show and sale during the 2019 KinkFest festival put on by the Portland Leather Alliance (PLA).

Dirty Little Secrets is accepting three dimensional art!
We are accepting a limited number of three dimensional pieces as space is very limited. Floor space for sculpture is limited to a 4’x4′ area, where two sides will be protected by the 4×8 panels. This year we will only be able to accept up to THREE (3) 3D artists, and the artist must supply the display apparatus. As this is a new and exciting addition to our gallery, we are still working out the details. Please contact us with any and all questions regarding the display of your three dimensional art, and watch this space for updates!

Dirty Little Secrets will host a store for participating artists to sell prints, cards, or small items in addition to the art that is displayed in the gallery. Information on selling art in the store will be sent along with the artist info package after the Call for Art is closed.

What type of art?
Any art that can be considered erotic and that has the ability to be hung from a 4’x8′ panel. This means that you can hang as many or as few pieces of art that will fit on a 4’x8′ grid. All art must be ready to hang. Please do take into consideration that these walls are temporary, and that weight could be an issue. Also, see above for details on 3D art!

How much?
4’x8′ panels are $25 each. 4’x4′ footprint for three dimensional art is $25 per space. You can reserve one or many. A commission of 20% of your sales will go to the KinkFest Scholarship Fund.

If I fill out a panel request form, or display my art in the art gallery, do I get admittance into the rest of the KinkFest festival?
No. Submitting a form for the art gallery, or displaying your art in the gallery, does not gain you entrance to the rest of KinkFest. Tickets for attending the Festival are sold separately and must be obtained in order to participate in any other function of the Festival event. Buy tickets to attend KinkFest here.

During KinkFest – April 19th-21st, 2019

Portland Expo Center, Portland, Oregon
The gallery will be set up in the vendor area.

Fill out the panel request form and pay then your $25 fee via the Kinkfest.org site. We have 20 panels available, and 3 spaces for three dimensional art available. Once those 20 and 3 have been reserved, we will not be accepting any more applicants.

Note that filling out the panel request form and paying the fee are two separate processes. Fill out the panel request form first, then return to the homepage to click on the submit payment link. That link will take you to the KinkFest registration page. Look for the “Vendors and Art Show” item under Registration in the right navigation column.

Because we love you!

More questions?
Read the rules.
Contact the Coordinator.

Ready to reserve a panel?
Fill out this form and then submit your payment