DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #9: TomFoolery

TomFoolery started doing erotic rope bondage in 2002. He has created a large number of unique and innovative ties and techniques. Rope is sexual and a spiritual practice for him and serves as a creative and artistic outlet. He is also a photographer, capturing his own rope work and other erotic images. He enjoys doing rope bondage and suspensions in quiet indoor settings, noisy nightclubs, at burning man, outdoors in the woods or off of bridges.

His style is fusion bondage. It mixes traditional Shibari with Western and Celtic influences. It is both highly decorative and functional. His suspension work is dynamic, featuring spinning and swinging.

He teaches regularly at Kink.com’s Armory Studio Series, he has given workshops at The Northwest Leather Celebration, Dark Odyssey, Kinkfest in Portland, BondCon and other events. His photographs have been featured at Cannibal Flower Shows in LA, the San Francisco Erotic Art Exhibition, Seattle Erotic Art Festival, and Fanfare-LA Exhibition

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