DLS Art Gallery 2019 Artist #8: Cyrus Dvorak

I enjoy a broad range of artistic practices, such as, painting, sculpting, and animating (both 2D and Stop-motion). I create artworks that are representational of expressionism, abstract, the human form, and the pushing of boundaries. I am inspired by spontaneity, movement, color, the human form, and acceptance of what I cannot do. After being diagnosed with MS in 2009 I have used art as a therapy tool, working out both physical and mental issues. I also enjoy trying new mediums, learning new techniques, and pushing myself while not being afraid to fail. Through art I gain a sense of normality by stimulating broken neural pathways and rerouting new connections. The fact that I am right-side dominant and have right-sided weakness contributes heavily to my unique style, along with my strong use of color. There is a great deal of learning, frustration, enjoyment, and pain in each piece I produce.

Currently I have been focusing on life drawing and painting of the nude female form with a colorful palette. Inspired by the expressionism paintings of the German painter Ernst Kirchner I have been experimenting with color, form, sexuality, while adopting elements his style into my own work. My use of color is another element of beauty added to this series to evoke feelings of passion and the moment. The deeper I got into the creation of this series the harder I pushed the boundaries of the ‘erotic’ vs. perversion and color theory.


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