It has been nearly 5 years since the Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery came to fruition. Each year, the art gallery has bloomed into something bigger and better than the year before. It started with just a small set of panels at the back of the vendor hall of Kinkfest and grew into an art show and store showcasing erotic art from across the country and gaining followers from around the globe.  This past year saw our first video, sculpture, and textile entries as well as traditional paintings, digital art, and photography.

As Fall approaches and planning for next year begins, I would like to announce some changes to our little gallery. The gallery has grown beyond my capability to manage it on my own. It has grown beyond the space that the Kinkfest vendor hall can provide. In order for the gallery to continue to grow as a platform for erotic artists to show and sell their work in the Portland, Oregon area, I have asked Michael Love of PDXScene Magazine to take over as curator and coordinator of the gallery.

Michael holds the gallery near and dear to his heart as I do. We have worked together to promote the artists of the Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery throughout the years. PDXScene Magazine is dedicated to the erotic art scene in our area, promoting art shows not only within the DLS Art Gallery, but shows at local clubs each month, along with an artist spotlight section of the magazine. Michael and the team at PDXScene Magazine will be able to take the gallery to the next level and onto a bigger stage to promote our artists on a grander scale.

For now, there is no plan to produce another show at Kinkfest 2020, but another show will happen in Portland. You will see new names and voices on the DLS Art Gallery social media accounts. Announcements and communications will be coming from Michael and his team as they plan for the future. I am not going away completely. I will be one of the artists showing my work in the next gallery show.

My hope is that all of you will continue to show your work with the Dirty Little Secrets Art Gallery. Without you all, this gallery would have never become the show it is. With you, though, the gallery can continue to grow and succeed beyond our dreams.

Thank you all for an amazing 4 years.

– Keri